Crescent City Cat Club

3 May, 2017

Crescent City Cat Club

I continued to look for a site.  I found a couple that would have worked.  One was especially interesting: right across the street from the Healing Center and the St. Roch Market.  It had two separate entrances opening onto the street, and the price was right, but again, my unconventional idea was rejected, and the owner rented to someone else.  I needed something with commercial zoning, so my choices were somewhat limited.  I continued to look. I was rejected by two other property owners.

Finally, I had occasion during this time to look at the appraisal of a property that I own on Marigny St.  As I casually looked over the document, I noticed with a start that the zoning was commercial!  I had bought it 18 years ago as a residential triplex.  It IS across from a grocery store and in the same block as the Olde Town Inn, but I never put it together.  I had always thought of it as being a multi-family residential property, when in fact, it was a three- unit commercial property.  Whoopee!  I already owned the property I needed!  I wouldn’t need to beg anyone else again to rent their property….I had my own!

I had decided that I would call my facility a cat club, since there would be no food; I could not call it a cat café.  So…clubs have dues, and that was how I could generate income to support the facility, by selling daily, weekly and monthly memberships.  It is also how Cat Town makes their income, by entrance fees, as well as selling coffee and pastries.  The fee in Oakland is $10 per visit; Crescent City Cat Club will also ask for a $10 membership per day.

Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!