Catmobile – Krewe of Crazy Ladies & Gents

5 Jul, 2017

Catmobile – Krewe of Crazy Ladies & Gents

I found a vehicle for the Catmobile.  It is a 2002 Toyota Highlander, which is a larger car than I expected to get, and older and with more miles, but within my budget.  Since it’s a Toyota with a really clean CarFax (boy! Is that a great invention!) and maintenance history, everyone seems to agree that it could go another 150,000 miles, so I’m good.  I love the car. It’s dark green, has a sunroof, leather seats and was the top of the line in 2002 when in was made, so it has automatic everything.  It rides like a dream, and makes my 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport feel like a tin-can in comparison.  But I’m easy, and either car is fine while I’m driving it.

I have found a contractor turned float-builder who is planning to do the conversion from a car to a cat.  His team is excited and so am I, although the cost may be cause me to back down to just a custom paint job instead of a 3-D build out.  Still, I think it will be a great attention-getter for The Cat Club, and I hope to figure out a way to change signage on it, so I can have weekly or monthly sponsorship from outside sources, as a fund-raiser.  I also want to use it to pick up guests for the rentals from the airport, which would be a value-added sort of thing that will hopefully motivate people to want to stay in the units, the rental of which subsidizes The Cat Club.  It’s a big, happy circle.

…. Krewe of Crazy Ladies (and Gents)

We are going to have a marching group called the “Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gents)”. We will parade with the Catmobile, which is under construction.  Please think about joining us. It will be a blast!  We hope to ride in Chewbacchus next MG, and maybe Muses or Iris or Nyx…whoever will have us!  Or maybe just all by ourselves down the streets of New Orleans, the locals way.


Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!