Seeking a Muralist

17 Jul, 2017

Seeking a Muralist

I’m now looking for a muralist to put cat-themed murals on the walls in The Club, maybe giant cats walking up the Mississippi River, or peering out of the Superdome.  I want New Orleans landmarks combined with big, bold kitty cats doing extreme things: something amusing and specific to NOLA.

I’m getting a security camera system installed, for everyone’s safety.  I am afraid we might become a target for mean-spirited people, so I’m trying to build in features to preclude that.  I think we’ll have a buzz-in front door, and every entrance will be remotely monitored from the front desk.  ‘Tis the times we live in, unfortunately.

And finally, we’re installing a central heat and a/c system.  This is a necessity in New Orleans.  We had window a/c units, but no real heat to speak of: just portable heaters.  The heat in the summer is much more of a factor here, since it lasts for MONTHS.  We joke that winter lasts a week, or even just a weekend, as it did last year:  really freezing for a  few days (freezing is about 40 degrees around here) and then it was over, and back to the 70’s.  Anyway, portable heaters would not be acceptable to the city, or to anyone else with any sense, so we’re upgrading to central heat and a/c for the comfort of the cats and their visitors.

We are almost ready to launch the crowd-funding campaign.  Boy, that has taken some preparation, and we’re still not quite ready. You’re encouraged to make a video pitch, which, as an introvert, is definitely NOT my comfort zone, but….I had to suck it up and do it.  I hope it’s not too terrible.  The message in on-point; I just hope the delivery doesn’t take away too much.  Then Indiegogo instructs you that your campaign will be more successful if you have premiums to offer at the various donation levels, so I’ve had to get that all together.  There is some really fun cat stuff out there:  The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, cat’s eye jewelry, tote bags with our logo, etc.  We’re almost ready to launch.  I sure hope it works.  I’ve been giving my credit cards a work out.  I hope I can recover some of those costs from the support of our “community” to right my personal finances again.  I hope it turns out that I have a community!  I have been working on the mailing list, but social media confuses the hell out of me.  Too old, I guess; I didn’t grow up with it.  But again, step by step wins the day.

Next month I’m going to CatCon (yes, of course, there’s a CatCon) in Pasadena, CA.  I bet I see even more fun cat things there.  I do feel that this is the year or the decade of the cat.  Everything up to now has bee directed towards dogs (doggie day-car, dog parks, etc.), but I think cats are coming into their own now.  The proliferation of cat cafes is encouraging, and I think the model of the cat club, without the food, is even more accessible for folks to copy.  I think there could be a cat club in every city and town that has a shelter.  The shelter could be mostly for the dogs, as it already is, and the cat clubs for the adoption of cats.  Just sayin’…  Cat Clubs of America. I already reserved the name in Louisiana. With so many baby-boomers retiring and looking for something useful and fun to do, to give back to the community…I see it all now.


Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!