We’re on a roll now! The CatMobile is finished!

2 Oct, 2017

We’re on a roll now! The CatMobile is finished!

Check out the photos!  I think it looks great!

I will be driving it around town to draw attention to opening of The Cat Club.

The artist who painted the CatMobile, Zac Maras, is also doing some other artwork for us, including a large mural on the walls of The Cat Club, and some paintings now on view in the windows of The Cat Club.  If you like the CatMobile, come see what else he is doing for us.

I had a meeting with Doug MacCash from the Times Picayune.  I saw a small article he had in The TP about the new Big Freedia portrait at the Art Garage, which is just down the block from The Cat Club.  I emailed him, and he came by and liked what he saw (I think).  He has written an article for NOLA.com; check it out.  I was less than thrilled with the headline: “Would you spend $7 to hang out with a bunch of house cats?”, which I told him, but he said it would make people read the article.  I guess he knows what he’s doing.

I was also disappointed that it apparently will never be in print, for some reason.  Some of what he writes goes into the Time Picayune, and some of it doesn’t.  I don’t get why we wouldn’t be at least as interesting as an article about a portrait of Big Freedia on St. Claude, but it seems not, at least to the folks who make those decisions.  As old as I am, if it isn’t in print, it doesn’t exist.  Luckily, not everyone feels like I do, and some have even seen the article.

At this point, we are planning on having an open house at the The Club on October 15, in celebration of Global Cat Day, which is Oct. 16. It will be at 1-5 PM.  I’m looking for music now. Does anyone know any other musicians that might be open to playing?  Maybe musician cat lovers?  I’m hoping to have a brass band, and do a short second-line through the neighborhood, to be led by, you guessed it, The Cat Mobile!  We’ll see what happens. Our first day of regular business will be Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Our first contractor has left town, leaving me in the lurch.  Thankfully, our friend and excellent craftsman, Dave Reed of No Name Construction, has stepped in to complete the work.  We will be forever grateful to him.  It seems that we have about another month of work to complete. Thank you, Dave!

We are on the verge of launching our Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.  I know, I’ve been saying this for months.  But the video that they recommend you make for best results is finished and ready to be uploaded.  Likewise the premiums that they suggest.  Now we just need to cross our fingers.

We have already had a very generous donation from MomCat, Glendoris Sargent.  Thanks, Mom!!

Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!