September Newsletter

10 Sep, 2018

September Newsletter

We started the month off with a bang, as NOLABarCats hosted a fund-raiser for us at The Crescent City Cat Club on Sept. 7. The BarCats is a group that puts on events to raise money for non-profits who help homeless cats. What a great idea! Brandon and friends were extremely professional and helpful and fun. They put the fun back into fundraiser!

Thanks to them, the event went swimmingly. We figure around 50 people attended, eating, drinking and generally having a real New Orleans good time! We had a silent auction of cat-centric art, donated by local artists and retailers such as The GlitterBox and Jim Tweedy. We also had raffles for another bunch of goodies, such as generous gift certificates from The Metairie Small Animal Hospital, Suis Generis Restaurant and Kabob. It seemed like a lot of folks stayed most of the evening, waiting, I think, to see if they’d won a raffle prize or an auction item. The cats were the perfect hosts and hostesses, although they were pretty lazy the next day; probably had hangovers!

We raised enough money for The Cat Club to be able to buy all the carriers we needed for our evacu-trailer, so now that’s finished. It’s a 10 foot, single-axle trailer (pretty small, in other words), now equipped with an air conditioner, a gas generator to run the A/C, insulation, and drop-down shelves on which to place the carriers, with the cats in them, should we have to get outa’ Dodge…er….NOLA. Since we’re ready to go, may it be that we never need to! We’re able to store the trailer at the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, where our cats come from. Thank you, NOLABarCats, and JPAS.

The trailer can carry 30 cats. Simone The Cat Mobile will tow the trailer. She’s a vintage (2002) Toyota Highlander, and seems to be up to the task. She certainly LOOKS the part. Check our website if you haven’t seen her. She is another product of the imagination of artist Zac Mara, like our murals and greeting-cat sandwich-board sign that welcomes people into the club every day.

Next up we received a litter of 6 kittens, each about 3 weeks old. It seems that their mom abandoned them when they got little razor teeth and she decided she’d had enough of that! She got them off to a good start, though. The weeks of mother’s milk left them really healthy and ready for soft food, which we mix with replacement milk. They fed from a bottle for another week or so, and then were done with that, too. Litter box training has gone well, too, with a few mishaps. Oh well.

When we took the 6 kittens to the shelter for their de-worming, another kitten about the same size was brought in as a stray. Since he was all alone, we threw him in with our 6, so now we have 7. By the time we got back to The Cat Club, they were all sleeping in a pile, and I’m sure they don’t remember that he’s an interloper. Instant family! He’s a Russian Blue, named Dorian.

Rounding out that family we have 2 tortoiseshells, Collette and Angie, an orange tabby named Archie, and three grey tabbies, who I think of as the Oci-cats because of the markings on their tummies: Izzie, Ozzie and Ms. Dee. It’s a United Nations of kittens. When you see them all together you have to marvel at the brilliance of Nature.

The kittens will be available for adoption on or about Oct. 31. By then they should weigh at least 2 lbs. and be ready to be spayed or neutered, have their first round of shots, be microchipped and ready to go. We hope some of them get adopted together. When you see how much they love playing together….it would be ideal (but not a requirement) for some of them to be homed with a brother or sister, as well as their new human families. More fun for all!

Kittens are not for everyone, of course. They are so curious and active, it makes your head spin keeping track of them. So don’t forget….we have 4 older kittens that are about 7 months old: 3 male gingees(orange cats), and Jolie, the one remaining female from the litter of 4 black female kittens we got about 6 months ago. They are still young and smaller, and while playful, not as busy as the tiny kittens.

This month we adopted out Topher, one of our older tuxedo cats. That was quite a story. We’d had him for some time, and hoped that he’d get adopted. He was very mellow and laid back. One morning we came into the shelter and he had this THING on his nose: really red and painful looking.

In the meantime, one of our volunteers, Hope, had fallen in love and wanted to adopt him.

We took him to the vet, who was not very encouraging. She thought it could be cancer, or at least herpes. She took a biopsy, and then we all had to wait a week, until the results came back. Luckily it wasn’t cancer and once they started him on antibiotics, it cleared up, again, overnight. Hope got the take him home directly from the vets, and he was the 50th cat that has been adopted from The Crescent City Cat Club.

Also adopted in September was Ike, a shy orange tabby, and Bijou, one of Jolie’s sisters. Amalie and Jada, also Jolie’s sisters, were adopted together a few days earlier.

The summer was extremely slow for our short-term rental, located behind The Cat Club. In fact we didn’t have ANY bookings for August or September. October and November are looking up, though, so that’s a good thing. Please keep us in mind if you have any guests coming to town, especially if they like cats. Or even a stay-cay for you and one very good friend. You can walk to the Quarter, or the scenes on St. Claude and Frenchmen, and then fall into bed without having to worry about driving home. Staying with us is unique, even by New Orleans’s standards!

We can always use more volunteers, especially if you are available in the morning or evening. We also could use someone to focus on marketing, especially on the web. We have a web-master, Madhav, so that’s covered, but we need help making more people aware of us. The people who come LOVE The Cat Club; the challenge is getting them in the door. If you have any ideas about how to do that, we’d love to hear them.

Also, October is upon us, and we want to have an event featuring the Krewe of Crazy Cat Ladies and Gents (that could be you!) around Halloween time. If you would like to get involved in that, please be in touch.

Thanks for your interest and support. BTW, we’ve changed our hours to Thursday thru Sunday, noon to 6 PM. Come visit! And don’t forget….Oct. 16 is Global Cat Day. Alas, it’s a Tuesday, so we won’t be open, but the kitties won’t notice if you come a few days early or late to celebrate with us.


P.S. Happy New Year to our Jewish friends. L’Shana Tovah.

Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!