August Newsletter

5 Oct, 2018

August Newsletter


Dear Cat lovers,

Well, as usual, it’s been pretty busy around here!

We had our first pet painting party with Kelly Boyette on July 12th, and it went smashingly! How it works is you send her a picture of your pet and she transfers it to canvas. Then, on the appointed night, you come with the libation of your choice to The Cat Club and complete the painting, so by the end of the night, for a total cost of $60, you have an original portrait of your beloved BFF painted by…you! We had 10 artists for the first event, and if you’d like to sign up for the next one, which is to be held on Wednesday August 8th, you can let us know or book directly with Kelly at The artists had some great results with Kelly’s guidance and Kelly has promised to have classes monthly, until all the pets in NOLA have been painted by their human companions, but don’t wait too long…nothing is forever.

We also participated in a Saint’s football Sunday at The Hi-Ho Lounge on July 15th. Every Sunday the bar, which is down the block from The Cat Club, shows a vintage Saint’s game (this last one was from 1988!) and has drink (watermelon mimosas, yum) and food (pork sliders, using Grandma’s recipe, which also got rave reviews) specials. They choose a charity to donate the proceeds to from this event, and this week it was…. The Crescent City Cat Club! How neighborly! Shout out to Courtney for including us. Once the season starts, they’ll be showing the Saints games every Sunday, so keep them in mind for game day. Hopefully they’ll chose us to be the beneficiaries again, so we’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a heads up for all our frequent flyers, who might drop in just any old time: we will be closing The Cat Club from August 13-23 to visit ailing family members on the West Coast. We will, of course, be taking care of the cats in the manner to which they have become accustomed, but with a skeleton crew, so you’ll either have to come before August 13th or after August 23rd for your cat fix, or offer to volunteer during that week. The cats really do enjoy their visitors, and get sad when we’re closed, so they’ll REALLY be feeling it when were closed for 10 days. Call us at 1-833-NOLACAT or email us


On Friday, September 7, NOLA BarCats, a local group whose mission is to make an impact on the homeless cat population, and have fun doing it, is hosting a cocktail party at The Cat Club, to benefit…us! Food and drink and cats will be available for your enjoyment, so mark your calendar.

By the way…. Did you see The Crescent City Cat Club in the July New Orleans Magazine? They had two pictures (well, one picture twice) and a paragraph describing us as one way to beat the summer heat, especially suited to folks with children to entertain. Children love to visit with the cats.

What are we going to do with all the donations these worthies are gathering for us, you ask? Glad you asked. As I have mentioned before, we need a trailer to herd our cats to safety, should a hurricane come in our direction. It needs to be outfitted with shelves for about 30 carriers, which we also need to purchase; an a/c unit and generator to power it, and a spare tire. All this is costing a pretty penny, so we have been working on it as we get money, and these events have helped a lot. If you would like to contribute to this effort directly, our website ( can now take direct donations.

So, to recap:

Paint Party with Kelly Boyette, Wed, Aug 8

Closed Aug. 13-23

Nola BarCats cocktail party Sept 7th

AND coming in October: How to Become a Cat, with makeup tips from Gwen McAuliffe, our theatrical consultant, and costume ideas, just in time for Halloween, and The Krewe Of Crazy Cat Ladies’ first event, a Halloween party and parade.

Thanks for all your support.  As of this date we have adopted out 43 cats since we opened.  Not as many as we might have wished, but each one counts.

-Eshyah, Gwen and Ashley

Crescent City Cat Club

Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!