December Newsletter

10 Dec, 2018

December Newsletter

Dear Cat Lovers,
OMG…this newsletter is way late! 2019 has been very eventful so far, and I like the way it’s shaping up.
If you can remember back to December 2018, there was a lot going on that month for The Crescent City Cat Club, as well. We would like to send a big shout out to Sam Allouche and David Shaw and Ricky (the cat formerly known as Eli, the One-Eyed Cat)! Eli…er Ricky, now has his own Instagram account at “@ricky_peach” and is a social media darling! He also is getting his own line of clothing, starting with t-shirts and sox. The website is, if you’d like to check it out, and maybe order something. And the (almost) best part is that a portion of the money raised….goes to The Cat Club! Yay! They delivered us a check in December, which was gratefully received. Keep up the good work, guys!
Also in December, the AcroCats bus pulled up and parked right in front of The Cat Club. I imagine all you cat lovers know about the AcroCats, but just in case: it’s a touring cat circus-type act that comes to NOLA every December to do their Christmas shows. They travel in a 45’ cat decorated bus that Samantha, the human star, and her crew, live in while they’re here. They need electricity, so we put a special outlet on the side of The Cat Club building so they could share ours. Hey, us cat people have to stick together! Our volunteers got to see the show, and we got to tell a lot more cat lovers about The Crescent City Cat Club. We appreciated the exchange of cat energy!
Finally, on December 16, The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band, an all female ensemble, appeared at a benefit for us at The Cat Club, and really tore the house down. It was a holiday party, which just happened to be on a Sunday evening that the AcroCats had off, so all the crew got to attend, which made it that much more special. The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band volunteered their services when Molly, one of the band members, came to our Halloween party and was inspired enough by the cats that she offered to do whatever we needed to help get the word out and maybe make some money, too. It worked; we raised over $1,000! Of course, the cats in the club preferred to listen from a distance; when the first chords were struck, there was a bee-line for the catio, but some of them got used to the music and meandered back as far as the kitchen for the attention that was on offer by our guests.
Some people came for the band, some for the cats, and it was great fun all the way around. We even went on radio station WWOZ (the cats’ favorite) to promote the performance/party, so involved another of New Orleans’s finest: the listenership of ‘OZ, which I’m sure are all cat lovers. Thanks again to The Shake ‘EM Up Jazz Band. Their final number was “Mele Kalikimaka” which is a beautiful song and means “Merry Christmas to You” in Hawaiian. Which was propitious because I went to Hawaii for the Winter break. Coincidence? I think not!

Ashley is working on an album of cats that have been adopted from The Cat Club; we’re up to 76! Please: if you ever hear of someone who’s looking for a cat, send them our way. Adopting from us is a relaxing, enjoyable experience for the whole family. You have the time to get to know the cats and choose one whose personality complements yours.
So anyway, keep an eye out for her album. It will include photos of the cats in their new homes, and testimonials from their human partners about their experiences with their new family members. It will warm the cockles of your heart!
Until next time (which is right around the corner,
all the best in our new year!

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