January Newsletter

10 Jan, 2019

January Newsletter

It’s Mardi Gras season in New Orleans, and the cats at The Crescent City Cat Club are all atwitter! They’re looking forward to our Lundi Gras party and parade on Monday, March 4. The party starts at 3, and and leads up to our 2nd annual Krewe of Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gents) parade, rolling about 5 PM. Everyone is invited, of course. We’d love it if you dress up as a crazy cat lady or gent, or as a cat, large (like a panther) or small (like a tabby). We’ll have a pile of clothes, including animal print everything, for you to make a costume out of, or just pluck something out of your costume closet. And we’ll help with your cat make-up.
Libations and snacks (including King Cake, of course) will be available, so come and get your drink on, as well as your costume. We will parade around the Marigny and perhaps the Bywater neighborhoods. Please come and represent the cats! (They declined to roll with us this year….something about not liking crowds…) Simone the Catmobile will lead the parade, so bring your recycled beads to hand to the cat crowd.

Last year it rained, if you remember, and we did a truncated version of a parade, all of us riding in the cat mobile and throwing our special cat beads and postcards. This year we hope it won’t rain (cats don’t like water) and that we can have a real parade, with YOUR participation. If you’d like me to buy you some cat beads at the cat-bead store, to have on hand for the parade, email me at info@crescentcitycatclub.org and I’ll pick some up for you. They run about $1.80 per string and come in bags of 12. They’re sparkly and have a parading cat in his or her Mardi Gras best. They’re about 3” tall.
We had a pretty low-key January here at The Cat Club, mostly getting back in the traces after having been closed for the winter break. We DID adopt out 7 cats, which is about average for us per month: Steadman was scooped up by some folks visiting from New York, who couldn’t believe that our beautiful cat had been waiting here for 15 months before his forever home walked in the door; we’re told his doing great, but we always knew he would. He was a Cat Club favorite. Then Fletcher found a home; he was our 71st adoption. Tika and Chance, 2 kittens from out last batch of 8, were adopted together, which always makes us happy. Aidan, another of the kittens from that group, was adopted next. Then Henri, one of the other kittens, and Aviva were adopted together! They are both tuxedo cats, one big and one small. First the Mom fell for Henri, and then Dad came later and chose Aviva, because she chose him.
We still have three kittens from the aforementioned bunch: Cooper, who is very sweet, affectionate and chill, and Lily and Brody, matching grey tabbies, who are best buds and whom we’d love to see get adopted together. Not a requirement, but they do so love each other.
We will be having another of our semi-annual garage sales THIS month, on Feb. 23. It will go for the duration of our open hours that day: noon to 6 PM. If you’d like to donate anything for us to sell, please be in touch. If you come to shop and spend more than $20 (which will be hard, since we will, as always, have such great bargains), you will get a free admission to The Cat Club to use that day. We will have clothes, books, bedding…the usual stuff, but good quality and condition, and priced right.
So mark your calendar for Feb. 23 for our garage sale (all proceeds go to the cats!) and 3 PM on Lundi Gras, March 4, for our Crazy Cat Lady Lundi Gras Party and Parade. Laissez le bon ton roulette!
See you on Lundi Gras, if not before.
-Eshyah and the krewe
PS If you are planning to be out of town for Mardi Gras and need someone to mind your cat in your house, we do provide that service. We are bonded and insured, and best of all….. you all know where we live.

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