February Newsletter 2019

10 Feb, 2019

February Newsletter 2019

Dear, dear……late again. I guess I’ll just have to say that these newsletters will come out at some time during the month following the month they’re referring to.
So….February was a great month for adoptions! Varian adopted the handsome Ian, who everyone falls in love with and wants to take home. He’s the beautiful black and white tuxedo with the diamond on his chest, and spats (well, A spat) and white whiskers. Gorgeous, and very chill. He’s boarding with us until his new dad’s home is ready, so you can still come visit with him. 
Angelina, one of our favorites, was adopted, returned, and readopted an hour later! Just goes to show you…good matches have a lot to do with vibes and chemistry. The first adopter brought her back because he said she was acting weird. OK, no problem.

No sooner had we taken her out of her carrier to return her to the group than a couple, Ashton and Chris, who were at The Cat Club looking to adopt, saw her, and they all fell in love at once. They took her home immediately and are living happily ever after. 
Then Dominique and Brad adopted Trina, a cat who hadn’t been with us for more than a week. She went with them to her furrever home. They thought she was the perfect cat. 
Toni adopted Lily and Brody, who had become adolescents at The Cat Club after having been hand-raised here. They were part of a group of 8 that we got from the shelter, probably from among 3 litters as they were different ages, but got along like best bruddas and sistas. After Lily and Brody got adopted, there were only two left from the group, including Cooper, who I used to take home for overnights, and Jolie. HE got adopted a few days later by Lesley and her boyfriend. (Jolie got adopted, too, but that story is for next month’s newsletter).

And finally, Princess got adopted! If you will remember, she was a beautiful blue-eyed declawed cat I took as part of our new “Matchmaking” program. The mom of the family called me to say that her 16-year- old daughter had developed allergies so badly that even with monthly shots she was miserable. It was with great reluctance and sadness that they made the decision to let her go. Ashley posted her on FB and other platforms to find her a home, and initially it seemed like the first folks who responded would provide her a forever home. (Thanks to everyone who helped us with this effort, including Joan Avant of SpayMart, who does so much for all the cats.) Alas, it did not work out, and I got Princess back. (Remember it is our policy that our adoptions are never final, and if it doesn’t work for any reason, we will gladly take them back and find a new new home).
In fact, we just took back Gyoza and Sensei, who were adopted as kittens the first month we were open. Their family has a new baby that seemed to have brought out the worst in them, so the family sadly had to return the cats to us. They were peeing and pooping all over the house, and no matter what the parents tried, nothing helped. I do believe they did the best they could, but a new baby is stressful enough, without having to clean up after 2 cats every time you come home. So….if you’d like to take these 2 very bonded sisters, who are normally the sweetest ever, stop on by. They are black, domestic shorthairs (like half the cats in NOLA!), and about 1 ½ years old. 
Anyway, I have to say that the first folks who took Princess did not follow the guidelines for letting her get acclimated to her new surroundings, a result of which she bit her new caretaker. The guidelines for introducing animals into a new environment say that even if you don’t do anything else special about the introductions, at least give the new cat time to adjust in a safe place, ideally her own space, if only for those few days. This is especially true if you already have pets. Let her interact with you and come into the common area on HER schedule. It can take a few hours, if the cat is really confident; a few days (more common); or even a few weeks, with really shy cats.

We had a few more false starts with Princess. In the meantime, she stayed with me in my apartment; we did not introduce her to the Jefferson Parish shelter cats who make up the rest of our family. I did have complete records for Princess, and knew that she was healthy, but my agreement with JPAS is that I won’t introduce “outsiders” into their group of cats. That’s why we’re introducing the Matchmaker progam. It’s for local cats who come to us by people calling with their feline problems and we try to help them find new homes for their cats. Either they never actually come to The Cat Club because the new owners pick up the cats directly from the initial home, or we house them separately, as we did with Princess. 
Anyway, she was the perfect guest. She got used to me within 2 days, and was soon sleeping on my bed, cuddling with me and waiting for me to come home at night. She is also quite a character. For instance she was a tiny bit food aggressive and would growl (and chew!) whenever I got near her “special” food. (That’s what we call pate, which we usually reserve for our kittens, but what are you going to do with a cat named “Princess”?)
So one Sunday a lady walked into The Cat Club about 5 PM. She asked if we had any “older” cats. I said “sure”, and then, as I was starting to think of which cats would work, Princess popped into my head. I mentioned to the woman that we had a declawed cat, and her daughter, who was with her, said “Bingo!” or something to that effect. It turns out that this nice lady, Cheri, already has a declawed cat, and she really wanted another one, for fear that a clawed cat would beat up her pet at home. I personally don’t think that would have happened.
Declaws, as they’re called, don’t seem to know that they’ve been declawed (which is not to say that declawing is in any way OK). They exercise by “scratching” the furniture and scratching posts, even though they don’t have claws! It’s an instinctive behavior, which is why one MUST provide an alternative to your furniture, rugs and drapes, because they are COMPELLED to scratch something. Princess also has plenty of attitude; she in no way feels inferior to other cats, and as you know, (c)attitude is everything with animals. Consider the Chihuahua who dominates the Great Dane. It’s all in how you see, handle and project yourself. Right, Princess? 
So, long story longer, we took Cheri and her daughter to Princess and introduced them, and the rest, as they say, is history. Cheri let Princess check her out, climb into her lap, and then they walked happily out the door. Yay, Princess! Yay, Cheri!
So….we now have another neighborhood cat that we’re trying to rehome named Pickles. Ashley will be posting a separate email about her, with pictures and other info. 
We now have 3 little kittens, Bodhi, Molly (named after the banjo player who has done so much to help us) and Izzy. They can’t be handled yet due to their not having developed immune systems, but you can watch and play with them remotely. They’ll be ready for their close-ups and adoption in about another month. They are all black short-hairs….but you guessed that, didn’t you?
Speaking of Molly…she has suggested that we have a mental health day once a month for musicians and other creatives, which I think is a great idea. If you think so, too, let us know. 
Next month you’ll hear about our FANTASTIC Lundi Gras party and parade….but for now… that’s all folks!

Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!