March Newsletter

10 Mar, 2019

March Newsletter

Hello, Cat Lovers!
We about to rehome our 100th cat!!!! YAY!!! It took us a minute, but if you picture 100 cats in one place…that’s a lot of cats! 
Here’s the latest adoption news: all of the kittens have been adopted except for Izzy and Lyric. Izzy is black and Lyric is an orange tabby, and they’re as cute as they can be. Stop by and check them out. They are about 10 weeks old. All of the kittens are still here for visiting; they can’t go home until they reach 2 lbs and can be spayed or neutered. They’re currently about 28 oz. Too cute!
One of the cats who was returned to us (you remember: the family returned them after having a baby) was adopted and she’s doing great in her new home. We still have her sister, Sansa, who is all black, very sweet and a little bit shy. She’s ready to go home.
We have 5 new adults also ready to go; please check out our FB postings. We have Dakota, who is a beautiful, big, orange Maine Coon. He loves people but is not all that enthusiastic about other cats. Maybe if there was one other cat in his domain, instead of 20, he’d feel better about it. Then we have Mystic, another gorgeous orange cat, this time a Tabby. We also have three new very sweet grey/brown tabbies: Satsuma, Ingrid, and Vanya. 
Pickles is still available. She is an outdoor Calico who’d like to be an outdoor/indoor cat. Some of our neighbors have been taking care of her, but their cats are starting to be mean to her, so we’d like to find her a forever home. Please contact us for more info.
Princess got adopted, and is doing well in her new home! She’s the gorgeous, sweet declaw that had to be given up by her family because one of the daughters had developed allergies. 
March was the month of our 2nd annual Krewe of Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gents) Lundi Gras Parade. We had a great turn out, a party, and a stellar band, led by Molly, one of our most generous supporters, that lead us through the Marigny. Everyone agreed it was great fun, and a great addition to their Mardi Gras schedule. Check us out next year! Pix are available on our FB page. 
I will be out of town for the next 11 days, taking care of my parents, but The Cat Club will remain open on our regular days Thurs. – Sunday, noon to 6 PM. Stop by and show your support to our volunteers. We always feel better when folks stop by….it makes us feel like we’re an important part of the community. 
Til next month,
-Eshyah and the gang
PS There is a fantastic new musical (well, it sounds fantastic) being staged Friday, April 19 at the Marigny Opera House. It’s called “The Bellydancing Kitties of Constantinople” and includes cats, bellydancing and live Middle-Eastern Music. It’s built around the story in the new children’s book of the same name, which is coming out at the same time. It’s advertised to “Bring out the Child in all of Us”, which sounds great to me. I’m sure kids would enjoy this event. Check it out!

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