April Newsletter 2019

10 Apr, 2019

April Newsletter 2019

Hello, cat lovers! A lot is happening here at The Crescent City Cat Club, so let’s get started.
Our biggest news, which we already announced, is that we adopted out our 100th cat this month! She was Izzy, one of the last batch of 10 kittens that we had. She joins Ian (remember lovely BIG Ian?) with David and Varian, their new parents. Good for all of us!
We are restarting Yoga with Cats on May 16 with a new teacher, Ms. Allie Porter. She has a 200-hour certificate and a lot of enthusiasm for cats and The Cat Club, so we’re really looking forward to this once-a-month class. It will be held on Sundays at 11 am, and will be an hour: 10 minutes to get situated, 40 minutes for the class, and 10 minutes to wind down and get ready to jump back into whatever it is you usually do on a Sunday morning. It’s meant to be a playful, relaxing interlude with cats meowing you forward. The first class is June 16, to be followed on July 14, August 11, Sept 15, and so on. You can bring your own mat, and there will be mats available. The cost is $10, which includes entry to The Cat Club, so it’s a free class! All proceeds are being generously donated to The Cat Club, so please come out and support us. And if all goes well, it may become more than once a month, which would also be great.

Next, we are working on (finally) starting our no-cost Senior to Senior program, which will pair older cats with older folks who would love the company of a cat, but have been worried about whether they can maintain one, and what would happen when their living situation changes. We are addressing both those issues: we will be pairing each senior couple (cat and caretaker) with a volunteer, who will stop by once a week to make sure all is well and to spend a few minutes with the elders. It is well known that loneliness is wide-spread in the elderly population and, as we all know, cats can be great, gentle company not requiring a lot of upkeep.
We are applying for grants and will soon be sending out a peer-to-peer funding appeal through FlipCause, so if this is an issue that is near and dear to your heart, be on the lookout. We have two new volunteers, Courtney Lim and Melanie Eichhorn, who will be researching and coordinating these efforts, so please reach out if you are interested in helping out in any way. If you’re aware of any pertinent grant opportunities, or might want to be one of the volunteer visitors, or you know of an elder who might benefit from our services, we’d love to hear from you at info@crescentcitycatclub.org.

Sadly we have had to say “farewell” to three of our volunteers. The first to go back to her home in Maine is Muriel. We miss her, but she’s coming back in the Fall, so we have that to look forward to. Then Kim is leaving for Delaware, and she may or may not be back. I’m hoping the draw of The Cat Club will be enough to bring her back! And finally, we’re losing Jale, who will be back if she gets into medical school here, so let’s all pray for that! Thanks to all of them for their hard work and great spirits and enthusiasm….they will be sorely missed.
If you have ever thought about volunteering at The Cat Club with a once-a-week task, we now need folks to help us on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings. It takes about an hour and the bonus is that you get to hang with the cats and kittens when you come!
Speaking of kittens….we now have 13 available for adoption! Kitten season has started with a vengeance and the shelters are awash in the little varmints! Our group includes several black and tuxedo kittens, an orange tabby and 2 grey tabbies. As in the past, you can come to meet and choose one, make a deposit and then pick him or her up when s/he’s had his or her surgery, about a month from now. They are SOOO cute! Check out our posts and our website for photos.
We had several other adoptions in April: Arya (who was one of the two cats who was adopted by the family who had to return them when they had a baby) who was adopted by Caroline, who fell in love at first sight. Her sister, Emily, is still here and waiting for her forever home. She is sweet and shy, and would be a great addition to any quieter household.
Then little Lyric, one of the orange kittens, was taken home by Andrea; and Dakota, a gorgeous orange Maine Coone, who was only with us for a few days, was adopted by Mark and Tim, followed by Izzy, our 100th adoptee, who was mentioned earlier in this newsletter. The last cat adopted in April was Vanya, who left with James and his girlfriend (our apologies….we did not record her name). Yay!!

I was about to finish this letter, but wanted to mention a cool thing that happened yesterday, before I forget. I received messages in my email from not one but two people who had made $23 donations to The Cat Club. Since it’s a strange amount I looked to see who it was coming from and found that two women from LUXEMBOURG (!) had made them. When I inquired about it, one of them told me that in the course of planning their summer trip to New Orleans, they came across The Cat Club and decided to contribute. Isn’t that wild? People in New Orleans don’t know we’re here, but two women half way across the world do! God bless the Internet, because despite its flaws, it certainly has made the world a smaller place, and allows us to have all kinds of information at our fingertips than we otherwise would have.
We’ll see you in your cat dreams,

Now open by appointment. Please call 1-833-NOLACat to make an arrangement. We appreciate your support. Meow!

Please note ; While we encourage you to come by and pick out your kitten, they will not be ready to go home until around June 15th. Thanks in advance!