May Newsletter

2 Jun, 2019

May Newsletter

Hey, Cat Lovers! It’s June 1, and I’m writing May’s newsletter! Will miracles never cease? So…May was as exciting as usual at The Cat Club. We had 10 adoptions, including 5 from our latest batch of kittens. That means there are 12 still left, and some have already been spayed or neutered, so are ready to go home the day you meet them, if you want. We also adopted out beautiful, big, black Blaze (the cat formerly known as Blaine) to a nice family with a 2-year old, who told us that some shelters refuse to let folks adopt if they have a child under 10! That seems crazy to us…..growing up with an animal starting at an early age provides children with companionship and joy, and starts them on a lifelong journey of appreciation for forms of life that don’t look like them. Obviously, they need to be taught how to treat the animal, and to be supervised when they’re real young, but to deprive children of a 4-legged friend seems wrong-headed to us. Other older cats adopted in May were: Arden, who, like Blaze, wasn’t here with us for more than 2 weeks, and Phoenix and Django, both who came and went pretty fast, as well. Kittens adopted out were: Anais, Jada, Wyatt, Rory, Tory and Theo (I know some of you are keeping track!) If you want a kitten or cat, we have several to choose from! We’ll also be getting 5 or so more adults this week, so keep your eye on our FB posts and website. Thanks to Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter for letting us have their cats and kittens and working with us. We don’t know if you all saw the notice from The Orleans SPCA, but they said they had 400 cats to adopt out! It’s kitten season, so there are a TON of kittens looking for homes. If you can possibly adopt one (or two), please think about it. We’d like to give a shout out to The BarkMarket on N. Rampart in The Marigny for their generous donation of kitten food and kitten milk replacement. Our little varmints blow through that stuff, and it’s not cheap! Oh well….didn’t someone once say it takes a village to raise a kitten? Or maybe it was a litter of kittens….I forget. Our evacuation trailer has been finished, complete with 30 carriers, shelves, and an air conditioner, in time for hurricane season, which started June 1. Now we want to work on getting an auxiliary generator for instances when the power goes out for a period of time, but otherwise things are normal, or a storm is heading towards us, but veers off at the last minute, impacting utilities but little else. This happens more often than the Katrina kind of evacuation, and it would be MUCH easier to shelter in place, as they say. We have been breaking even financially, and have even had a surplus the last few months, so we can start putting aside something for an emergency and the generator. Thanks to everyone who has been so generous to The Cat Club, including Susan and Damond Jacob, who made a nice donation during GiveNOLA Day this year. We have also sold a couple of year-long memberships, which add up, too. Thanks to everyone….our visitors, local and travelers, and all of you who wish us well. The universe is responding! Have a great June! Enjoy our great weather (and yes, it’s a little hot….), each other and your four-legged friends. -Eshyah, Ashley and Gwen

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