June Newsletter 2019

10 Aug, 2019

June Newsletter 2019

Ooh wee….another (month) done gone! July is in the rearview mirror.
The first thing I want to remind you of is that Yogini Allie and the Cat Club are offering Yoga with Cats again! The next class is tomorrow, Sunday, August 11 at 11 AM. The cats are free with the $10 class charge, or, put another way, the yoga is free with the $10 Cat Club admission. Our previous classes with Yogini Allie Porter have been a lot of fun, and the cats bring a certain feline energy to the proceedings. It’s therapeutic and there’s a lot of giggling. The next scheduled classes are on September 15, October 27, and November 17. We hope to see you here (1021 Marigny St, NOLA 70117).
Summer is always slow in New Orleans; bookings slow down and there are fewer visitors to the city than during the cooler months of the year. This summer has been no different: slow for adoptions and bookings of our guest cottage. People are travelling, and it IS warm and rainy…a lot. We adopted one kitten, Bootsy, to a great couple, Scott and Rachel. And we had 10 nights of bookings for our cottage, with a cancellation due to the bad weather at the start of the month. August has only 4 days of bookings, so we’re looking forward to September, when the bookings pick up again.
On the other hand, we’ve had some great friends pop up and gift us with a couple of generous donations: Kathleen from Corpus Christi, whom I have known since high-school, and Dolly from Westwego, who has hand-raised some of our tiniest kittens. Thank you both! We also had a couple of folks sign up for yearly memberships, which always makes our day. And our daily visitor numbers continue to slowly increase, so that’s encouraging.

BTW, if there is anyone out there who could help us put up a “Go Fund Me” page with us, we could really use the help. We’re told that now that we have a demonstrated history of success, we might be able to generate some funds to tide us over.
We are also still looking for volunteers. We lost a couple of our great vols, who were students and moved on. If you, or anyone you know who loves cats, hase any spare time……we especially need Tuesday AM and PM, and Thursdays, all day. The Tuesday PM shift takes about an hour, and involves feeding the cats, cleaning their litter boxes, and socializing. The morning takes a little longer because we have to clean up after the feline party that happens every night at The Cat Club. I don’t know how the cats can do it every night, but each morning the place looks like a good time was had by all!
A couple of other cool things happened in July: We were recognized by the magazine “Where Ya At?”’s “Best of New Orleans” edition, calling us “the purrfect location to find your next forever friend”. Of course we welcome casual visitors as well, and I can truthfully say that no one has ever said that they were disappointed after visiting with us. We currently have 27 cats, including 10 kittens, boarding with us, and looking forward to your visit.
We’re also now listed Atlas Obscura, which recommends offbeat things to do across the country.
Four of the kittens we have currently (Kai, Gypsy, Cecily and Billy) are real survivors. When we got them from the shelter about a month ago, they seemed fine. Then their rear legs seemed to become paralyzed and they developed tremors. Unfortunately one of them passed away while we were arranging to take them to the vet, and another while she was at the vet. The others pulled through, with a lot of care from Metairie Small Animal Hospital, a partner with Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, where all our cats and kittens come from. We were able to bring them back to The Cat Club after about 2 weeks of treatment. They are thriving now, and bundles of energy. The vet thinks it was perhaps something that they acquired from the mom in utero that took a minute to show itself, and that they are recovering from, after a lot of care. They were also quarantined for 30 days, just in case, and they are available for adoption.
We’re also now listed Atlas Obscura, which recommends offbeat things to do across the country.
So, that’s about it for July. Have a great August and I’ll meet you back here in about a month.

Now open by appointment. Please call 1-833-NOLACat to make an arrangement. We appreciate your support. Meow!

Please note ; While we encourage you to come by and pick out your kitten, they will not be ready to go home until around June 15th. Thanks in advance!