September Newsletter

6 Sep, 2019

September Newsletter

Dear Cat lovers, Well, summer is over, sort of, and things are starting to pick up again at The Cat Club. We had 3 adoptions this week: Giselle (Mama Kitty), the mom of the three tiniest kittens that we have, and Bruiser and Liza, two of her kittens. Little Harley, the orange tabby, is still with us, but he won’t be lonely….we have another 4 kittens for him to play with, as well as 16 adults, and he’s not afraid of any of them! He’s currently about 10 weeks old, so if you saw him and thought he might be the cat for you, now’s the time. News Flash!! Save the date! Molly and the Shake ‘Em UP Jazzband, have volunteered to help us celebrate the second (!) anniversary of our opening on or around Nov. 2, and she says there are some other bands interested, too, so we might be having a BIG celebration. We’re thinking maybe this next event might be held at The Hi-Ho Lounge or one of the other local bars, but that remains to be seen. I will update you as soon as it takes shape. As you know, Molly is the best, and has been SO supportive of us. Last year the band did a fund raiser for us, which turned into a great party at the Cat Club. She also put together a marching band for the Krewe of Crazy Cat Ladies (and Gents) parade on Lundi Gras, which was a blast. Be sure to put THAT on your Mardi Gras calendar for next year. We’re thinking maybe this next event (the Nov. party) will be held at Hi-Ho or one of the other local bars, to give us more room, but that remains to be seen. I will update you as soon as it takes shape. We took our summer break during the final days of August. Hopefully none of you were inconvenienced. Other adoptions this month include Ivy, who had been brought back due to housing issues with her original adopters. Within a week she was out the door again, this time to her furrever, forever home (we hope). Cooper also was readopted, with basically the same story as Ivy. Revolving kitties! Little Mac and Riley were also adopted, as was Shakespeare. Riley and Shakespeare are still here for you to enjoy on your visit to The Cat Club because… I adopted Shakespeare, and Riley was adopted by Sofia, a Happy Cat Member (1 year membership) who is keeping him here for the time being. We have another new volunteer, Ruby, who we welcome; she is doing a great job here on Sunday mornings. So…Happy Rosh HaShanna (New Year) to our Jewish friends, and everyone else. Who doesn’t need a restart? See you at The cat Club! Eshyah and Ashley PS We’re planning on having a fund-raising yard sale this month, so be on the watch for that FB update. And don’t forget Cat Yoga with Allie on Sunday, Sept. 15, at 11 AM, which is coming right up. Oct. 27 and Nov. 17 are the next classes after that

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