September Newsletter, Part Two 2019

18 Oct, 2019

September Newsletter, Part Two 2019


September Newsletter 

Well, The Saints just put another game into the “win” column…..YAY!!  Now, it was against the Jaguars, so I did have mixed emotions, them being big cats and all, but The Saints winning is always a good thing.  It makes New Orleans happy.

September was a good month here at The Cat Club.  We adopted out 13 cats and kittens, which is about double our average!  We’ve had some super cute and personable kittens who got adopted quickly, and we now have another batch, so if you’ve been thinking of scooping up a kitten or two, come on down!  We give a price break for 2 ($75 for one, $100 for two), because we believe strongly that kittens coming from being with a bunch of friends should go home with at least one feline pal.  It makes for happier cats all around.  Three sets of 2 kittens each were adopted together, which, as I said, we encourage. Some of our adoptee kittens went to folks who already have another cat, and that’s OK, too, assuming the new animal is introduced slowly and the two feline roommates adjust to each other.  We do have a policy that if it doesn’t work out, the adoptee can be returned to The Cat Club, and another selected, or for a refund.  Our goal is happy cats in happy homes.

Besides the kittens, we also sent some of our long-time favorites to their forever homes, which is extra special.  Maddy, the rest room attendant who had been with us from the beginning, got adopted, as did Casey, one of our shyer cats.  Also chosen was Giselle, the mama cat to one of our litters of kittens.  She was quite young and hadn’t been completely socialized when she came into the shelter heavy with children (she gave birth at the shelter), but she really came around after being with us for a while. She finally got a lot of attention, and the play that she craved, still being a kitten herself.  We were happy to see her go to a home where she can get all the love that she deserves, and have someone, Daniel, to love.  It is a great match.

Clementine, another of our adults, also got adopted as soon as she got back from being treated at the shelter for a parasite.  Her new companion, Alyssa, had met her some months back and then came back to adopt her, not knowing that Clementine had been gone from us for a while.  It was meant to be!

We currently have a bunch of kittens available, including three super friendly orange tabbies (males, as are almost all orange tabbies), and two black male siblings.  We also have 3 grey tabbies, and a couple of tortoiseshells; the torties are female.

As soon as September hit, we started to get a lot more visitors each week.  I guess that’s the difference between Summer and Fall, or low-season and high-season.  Now we seem to be averaging about 15 guests per day that we are open, which is great; the cats love the attention.  Also, the cottage is rented out more going forward, which I think I have mentioned before, also great.

Our next event is coming right up.  Our 2nd year anniversary benefit show will be Sunday, November 3 at The Hi-Ho Lounge, 2239 St.Claude Ave. (about 1 block from The Cat Club), NOLA 70117.  The Shake-‘Em Ups and Fantasy Non-Fiction bands will provide the music.  The doors open at 5:30, music at 6:00.  The cover is $10, which covers the Hi-Ho admission AND the after party at The Cat Club, which will start around 8:00 PM.  Food and drink will be available.  PLEASE plan on attending; the more the merrier.  If you’ve been to any of our other events, they ARE fun, and obviously support a good cause: the kitties!

PetFest is also November 3, by the way, and The Crescent City Cat Club will be out there, too.  It’s in Lafreniere Park in Metairie, free to the public and lots of fun for animal lovers.  A bunch of animal rescues bring (mostly) dogs, and lots of just plain folks, too, so you can fraternize with a ton of animals.  There’s music, contests (look-alike, most plaintive howl….you get the idea), agility demonstrations, food and drink, free stuff and lots of connections to be made and information to be had.  The last few years the weather has been beautiful, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon, before you head over to the Hi-Ho party.

I’m happy to say that we have a couple of new volunteers: Ashley and Robin.  Ashley’s picking up the Tuesday evening slot, and Robin comes for Thursdays to work with me while we’re open.  We appreciate them and all of our volunteers, without which this operation would grind to a halt.  Thanks to them and ALL of our supporters.  We hope to see you on the 3rd!


-Eshyah and the Cats

PS.  Don’t forget Cat Yoga with Allie Porter at The Cat Club (1021 Marigny St., NOLA 70117) ALSO on November 3.  So that’s: Yoga at 11 AM, PetFest at 1,  and The Hi-Ho at 6 PM.  Make a Cat Club day of it!

Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!