Year: 2020

15 Dec, 2020

Holiday Newsletter 2020

Dear Cat Lovers, Happy Holidays! We at The Crescent City Cat Club are doing well, with 20 cats and kittens on hand to be visited and/or adopted, including 11 kittens and (3) 6 month-old male tabbies: the three muskateers! They were rescued by a New Oleans police officer from a sad situation and we hope […]

1 Dec, 2020

December Newsletter

November 28, 2020 Dear Cat Lovers, If you’ve noticed that you haven’t heard from The Cat Club for a while, don’t think it’s because we forgot about you! This last month (and the one before it, and the one before it…) has been crazy. Here’s what’s happened: We had to cancel our Halloween Car Rally […]

29 Sep, 2020

September 2020 Newsletter

September 27, 2020 Dear Cat Lovers,Happy New Year! L’Shana tovah! (It’s a Jewish thing). I know, I know…..I’ve missed a few months’ worth of newsletters. I wrote them but things just seemed so chaotic lately, what with the storms and cat illnesses and so on. I was revisiting the viability of the Cat Club, which […]

24 Jul, 2020

June 2020 Newsletter

Dear Cat Lovers, Time sure flies when you’re on an emotional roller coaster, doesn’t it?  Days streak by….we’re busy taking care of the kittens and cats, which is fun and satisfying. It’s a nice amount of busy-ness, and calming, all at the same time. We keep the kitties fed and clean, which is a never-ending […]

12 Jun, 2020

March 2020 Newletter

Hi, Cat lovers,Things are changing so fast! As you can imagine, we haven’t had a lot of foot traffic lately, and all of our cottage reservations have cancelled. We have had some adoptions, though, which is great. I would encourage anyone who has THOUGHT about adopting from us to give it serious review now. Also, […]

12 Jun, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

April 1, 2020Dear Cat Lovers,Don’t you wish someone would say “April Fool’s! This was just a bad joke. Go back to your regular lives and forget you ever heard of Covid19”? Not going to happen, obviously, but a relief to think of for a moment. I hope you and yours are hanging in there….don’t listen […]

12 Jun, 2020

May 2020 Newsletter

Dear Cat Lovers,Well, I hope everyone is hanging in there. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since I wrote the last one of these newsletters; seems like it’s been a year!So, as we told you last month, we adopted out all of the cats that we had here EXCEPT Mystique and Daisy. […]

12 Jun, 2020

June 2020 Newsletter

Dear Cat Lovers,What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A Cat Club full of kittens!As I mentioned in the last newsletter, due to the homeless kitten crisis this season, we are focusing almost all of our efforts on helping homeless kittens. We currently have 25+ kittens running around; do yourself a favor and make […]

14 Mar, 2020

February 2020 Newsletter

March 13, 2020February Newsletter, Crescent City Cat ClubDear Cat Lovers,Wow, crazy times we’re living in, huh? I certainly didn’t see this Corona Virus thing coming, and it’s amazing how much impact it’s having on our individual lives. I WAS scheduled to do some long-distance travelling in April but that’s not happening. I guess JazzFest will […]

14 Mar, 2020

January Newsletter 2020

Feb. 14, 2020Dear Cat Lovers,Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at The Crescent City Cat Club! If you don’t have enough love in your life, why not consider a new addition to your family with one of our fabulous furry friends? We have about 20 really great, well-socialized cats available RIGHT NOW! Did […]

14 Mar, 2020

December Newsletter 2019

Dear Cat Lovers, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is looking toward a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. We’re looking forward to tons of adoptions and lots of great visits from our friends. Our biggest news is that we just got 5 new cats and they are settling in nicely. If you came to […]

14 Mar, 2020

November Newsletter 2019

December 21, 2019November Newsletter from The Crescent City Cat ClubDear Cat Lovers,Happy Holidays to one and all! The weather here in New Orleans has turned downright winter-y, so it’s easier to get into the Winter solstice mood. Today is the shortest day of the year, and it’s pretty gloomy and cold (for NOLA) out there. […]

14 Mar, 2020

October Newsletter 2019

October NewsletterHi, Cat-Lovers!Well, I’m certain you know what the big news is around The Crescent City Cat Club this time of year, and that was the great Sunday we had on November 3. First we went to PetFest, in LaFreniere Park in Metairie, which is always so fun. All those animals running around (well, OK, […]

Due to Hurricane Zeta, our power is out and we’ll have to postpone our Halloween Road Rally. We’ll keep you posted when we set a new date!