February 2020 Newsletter

14 Mar, 2020

February 2020 Newsletter

March 13, 2020
February Newsletter, Crescent City Cat Club
Dear Cat Lovers,
Wow, crazy times we’re living in, huh? I certainly didn’t see this Corona Virus thing coming, and it’s amazing how much impact it’s having on our individual lives. I WAS scheduled to do some long-distance travelling in April but that’s not happening. I guess JazzFest will be cancelled, or at least postponed….The schools here are closed for at least a month. I can’t imagine what the kids’ working parents are doing…
Anyway…let’s talk about more fun things, like the Krewe of Crazy Cat Ladies’ Lundi Gras Party and Parade at The Crescent City Cat Club! This is now my favorite event of the year. We had a nice turn-out, including a HUGE brass band to escort us on our parade. It seems that the musicians like parading for the cats, and we even had some of them asking if they could do it again next year, so we’re all set for the 4th Annual Lundi Gras Parade! If you missed this year, well….I’m just saying, there’s next year, so no excuses. The after-party was fun as well. Maybe 20 of our guests hung out, enjoying the cats and each other, the food and drink. And as we’ve noted before, our cats really do like a party! They were lapping up the attention, and playing “Circus Cats” with the dangly toys, leaping around…..they took Mardi Gras off, recovering from the Lundi Gras party. They are sensible, after all, even if they are New Orleans cats.

February saw just a few adoptions; I guess folks were preoccupied with Mardi Gras. Fiona was adopted by Jerry and Karen, Ashton went home with Bao, and Leo joined Katy Purry and Eclipse at Denise’s house. We did have a nice month for visitors and the cottage was fully booked.
We got some new cats from The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter this week: Kalil, a small black tom cat, is a riot. He growls (so far) at everything. A lot of cats start out that way here. The Cat Club is initially very stimulating to them, and they react to everything that moves with a growl and a hiss. He also has some other outraged sounds he emits, but he’ll calm down. Then we have Sheera, who had some medical issues when she was dropped at the shelter, including marijuana toxicity. She was treated and hopefully now she’ll be fine and find her forever home. She deserves it. She’s a pretty long-haired tabby who’s still adjusting as well. Finally there is Gaia, a kitty who was treated for quite a while for a skin infection at the shelter as a kitten, which means she didn’t get socialized at the optimal time. She’s very sweet and will curl up on your lap, but she’s also adapting slowly. She is petite, and right now, shy, but hopefully she’ll get a new slant on life by being here for a while. Do you have room at your house for one of these deserving kitties?
We’ve added MORE volunteers, which is great. Christina, Sarah and Kimberley are all on board. Kimberley is going to be organizing an on-line gift shop for us, so keep your eyes open for that. We now have t-shirts available for purchase; they are $30 each and come in men’s and women’s styles, 5 colors and sizes small to 2X. More info to follow.

Also coming up, we’re going to start showing movies, either Thursday or Friday nights at 7. We’ll have popcorn, cats, an open bar, maybe hot dogs or some other dish, and a different feline-themed movie every few weeks. Let us know if Thursday or Friday would work better for you and yours. Free with regular admission to The Cat Club.
As for now, please keep healthy. Of course we are exercising all the best practices with regards to keeping our visitors healthy, so don’t be afraid to stop by. And if you’re planning on shutting yourself away for a few months, come by and pick up a cat to keep you company! When I evacuated for Katrina, we had a litter of foster kittens with us, and they were the best. Very comforting. Of course, after that, we had to keep them all. Another failed foster family! If you’ve been thinking about adopting, now might be the right time. Meow!

We will be closed August 1-15. We will be open by appointment only after August 15.  We appreciate your support. Meow!