January Newsletter 2020

14 Mar, 2020

January Newsletter 2020

Feb. 14, 2020
Dear Cat Lovers,
Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at The Crescent City Cat Club! If you don’t have enough love in your life, why not consider a new addition to your family with one of our fabulous furry friends? We have about 20 really great, well-socialized cats available RIGHT NOW!

Did you hear that Presley and Armani are available again? Presley is longer-haired and kind of looks like a mini-Fancy. He is SO sweet, and has a cute little chirping meow….OMG….too cute! We would like him to be adopted with his brother Armani, who is also really sweet, and mischievous. He loves to ride on your shoulder. They’re both tuxedo cats. Come and get ‘em!

We had a great January for adoptions, setting a new record of 13 for a month. Since rehoming cats is our main mission (getting to play with them is just icing on the cake), we’re very proud of this. In no particular order, we adopted out:

Jaimie, to Michael and Catherine (one of the last of a litter than included Shakespeare and Riley);

Chloe, to Art and Janice and family;

Ashton, to a pair of adopters who found that they weren’t as ready for a cat as they thought; he got brought back but subsequently re-adopted yesterday!;

Kahn, to Sebastian and Philip (renamed Tabbie);
Golda and Yofi (great pair!) to Hongwei;

Finley, to Polly (the last of the kittens who had the skin thing that we had to treat them for);

Ike, to Briene;

Bebe, to Epiphany (what a great name! Epiphany, not Bebe;

Ramona, to Jessica, who returned to The Cat Club after a first visit, when she fell in love in Ramona, and took her home on a plane to California! She is doing great with her 2 new feline friends, according to Jess;

Simba, to Josh and family; and finally:

Presley and Armani, whose adopter got a new job which calls for her to travel too much for her to take care of the kitties as she would like to, so they have been returned and are now available again, as mentioned above.

It may seem like we get a lot of cats returned to us, but we would prefer that than they get passed around or, heaven-forbid, cast out. We adopt out our cats with the understanding that if the adopter’s situation changes and s/he can no longer care for the cat, we will take him or her back and re-re-home him or her. I would still have given all of the adopters who had to return their cats this month permission to adopt the cats that they took. They were all serious people and took the responsibility to heart, so much so that when they found they couldn’t give the cats the level of care that they thought was required, they returned them to us to find the cats more appropriate homes. It was heart-wrenching for them, I can attest to that, and took a special kind of honesty and compassion for them to confess to me that they couldn’t care for the cats. It’s also humiliating, so I salute them for their actions. Enough said.

BTW, if anyone is looking specifically for a Russian Blue, we know of one that’s up for adoption. Her name is Evie. If you are interested in more info, please text 601-818-5299.

We got a couple of new volunteers this month: Kimberley and Bryan. They’re helping out on the weekends, which is great. Also, Muriel is back from Maine; she’s a snowbird, and when she’s in NOLA she pitches in, in a big way. We’re currently covered right now for all our shifts (except for Thursday during the day, in case anyone is available…) and really appreciate the help. I’m having to make an emergency trip to California to look after my elderly mom this week, so it’s quite a relief to have such a responsible crew (krewe?) to take care of the kitties.

So…. You may have noticed, it’s ….Mardi Gras! As you should know by now, we are celebrating with our 3rd annual Lundi Gras parade one week from Monday, Feb. 24. Yes! It’s here already. Please see the attached flyer and parade route, and plan to show up at 3 for the party, or 5 for the parade and after-party. Costuming is encouraged!
Have a great Mardi Gras season, and we look forward to seeing you on Lundi Gras!

We will be closed August 1-15. We will be open by appointment only after August 15.  We appreciate your support. Meow!