November Newsletter 2019

14 Mar, 2020

November Newsletter 2019

December 21, 2019
November Newsletter from The Crescent City Cat Club
Dear Cat Lovers,
Happy Holidays to one and all! The weather here in New Orleans has turned downright winter-y, so it’s easier to get into the Winter solstice mood. Today is the shortest day of the year, and it’s pretty gloomy and cold (for NOLA) out there. But we’re warm and furry here at The Cat Club.
As I’m looking out the window, I see The Acrocats’ big 45’ bus parked in front of The Cat Club. They’re B-A-C-K!! If you haven’t seen their show, you really should plan on it. Samantha and her troupe of lovely ladies and exceptional cat (and groundhog and chicken) performers put on really fun Christmas shows, usually all during the month of December at The Allways Lounge, which happens to be right across the street from The Cat Club. We’re happy to see them back. MEOW! Unfortunately their last show this year is this evening, but keep them in mind for next year. They’re a hoot!

We had an average month for adoptions in November: 6. Poppy went home with Kaitlyn on Nov. 3, followed by Lalo, who was adopted by Mike. Robin, one of our new volunteers, fell in love with Tae, who is a somewhat reclusive older black cat, and they are madly in love. There’s someone for everyone! Topaz is another quiet kitty who we weren’t sure when she would get adopted but Rose and she bonded during a visit to The Cat Club and they went home together, happily ever after. Valerie and Winter adopted Poe, who left Langston, his brother behind but….spoiler alert….Langston got adopted a few days ago! Yay! They are both such sweet characters. Mika got taken home by Mary Clare; he was the last cat adopted in November. Our current count is about 170 cats rehomed.
I have to say that most of the kittens raised here at The Cat Club are sweet and well-adjusted, probably because they get socialized starting early on, and continuing until they get scooped up and taken to their forever homes. We can also say that they will probably get along with other cats due to the environment here, surrounded by other cats from the start of their lives.
Thanks to all of you for your support this year. We look forward to another great year in 2020, and expect to keep growing and making people happy with their visits to a houseful of kitties, and offering great felines for adoption.
Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanza! Go Saints and LSU! Onward and upward!
-From Eshyah and Ashley, Michelle, Hope, Muriel, Becky, Sarah, Robin, Ashley too, Susan, and the Cats at The Crescent City Cat Club
PS Save the date: Feb. 24, for our 3rd annual Lundi Gras Party and Parade through the Marigny and Bywater, hosted by The Krewe of Crazy Cat Ladies and Gents. Party at 3 PM, Parade at 5. Dress up as a cat or a cat lady (er..person) ….let your freak flag fly!

Now open by appointment. Please call 1-833-NOLACat to make an arrangement. We appreciate your support. Meow!

Please note ; While we encourage you to come by and pick out your kitten, they will not be ready to go home until around June 15th. Thanks in advance!