April 2020 Newsletter

12 Jun, 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

April 1, 2020
Dear Cat Lovers,
Don’t you wish someone would say “April Fool’s! This was just a bad joke. Go back to your regular lives and forget you ever heard of Covid19”? Not going to happen, obviously, but a relief to think of for a moment. I hope you and yours are hanging in there….don’t listen to too much news. Listen to WWOZ and learn a new language on Babbel. That’s what I’m doing.
All of our cats have been adopted or fostered out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those fosters turn into adoptions….that seems to happen a lot. Sheerah and Fancy, for instance, went as fosters, but the foster mom, Cristina, one of our volunteers, has told me that they get along so well with her other cats that she’s keeping them all! Way to go, everyone!
Adoptees for March include: Presley and Yoji, who went to Jane; what a cute pair. Joshua took Ike home (finally), and cute little Gaia joined Josh’s family. Frieda and Greer, besties that they are, went with Jamia and Callahan took Khalil. Armani (I miss him!) went with Anna (OK, OK, she’s giving him a great home, but he is such a character), Bruce took Cleo, and Cici (cute little CiCi, everyone’s favorite) went to a loving home with Simone. She’ll fit right in, like she fit in everyone’s lap!

That means that fosters included: Gyn, Twyla, Daisy, Emily, and Mystique. Princess and Journey are also fostered, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to be adopted by their foster moms. So we’ll have a little corps of old-timers when we open back up. Thanks to all of the Crescent City Cat Club community who stepped up and gave our furry friends a home, temporary or otherwise. You all are the best!
We have shut our doors for the time being, although after a brief break I will be taking some nursing moms and kittens from the shelter. As we were expecting, kitten season has hit. SpayMart has a bunch of kittens and moms, so if you’d like to foster for them, give Joan Avant a call at 504-453-5363. She’s in charge of their kitten program and is a really kind and effective lady. They get some of her cats and kittens from The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, which is where we get all of ours.
So this is just a short note to let you all know that it is our full intention to come back strong after this is over. One of our other volunteers is helping out with our mortgage for a while, for which we are extremely grateful. We DO have other bills to cover, however, so if you would like to help us stay viable, there is a donation tab on our website or you can contact us directly as to other ways to do that. We can take a cc number over the phone, for instance.
Also, as an aside, if there are any deep pockets out there who’d like to help us AND themselves: we have a terrible mortgage on this property and are paying over 8% interest on it. If we could refinance at say, 5%, it would make a huge difference to us. The loan would be secured by the building which has over 50% equity in it, so it would not be a risky investment. We have never been late with our payments. I just thought I’d throw that out to the universe; it could be a win-win if someone has investments that bring you less interest than that. Since we’re a non-profit there might even be a way to make it a charitable donation….
To all of our well-wishers, keep in touch. We love to hear how our cats are doing. As you may know, Journey and Mystique were two of our hardest cases because they were so shy. But they are blossoming in environments where they are the only cats. As much as we love the Cat Club experience, and I still believe it’s a great alternative to adopting from a shelter, some cats are overwhelmed by the grandness of it all. Luckily it would seem that there’s a situation for every cat where they can thrive. We look forward to getting back to making matches between adopters and cats, and welcoming our casual visitors back for their fur-face time.
Stay well. We’ll keep you posted.
Eshyah and Shakespeare (my baby-kitty)

Now open by appointment. Please call 1-833-NOLACat to make an arrangement. We appreciate your support. Meow!

Please note ; While we encourage you to come by and pick out your kitten, they will not be ready to go home until around June 15th. Thanks in advance!