March 2020 Newletter

12 Jun, 2020

March 2020 Newletter

Hi, Cat lovers,
Things are changing so fast! As you can imagine, we haven’t had a lot of foot traffic lately, and all of our cottage reservations have cancelled. We have had some adoptions, though, which is great. I would encourage anyone who has THOUGHT about adopting from us to give it serious review now. Also, if you are open to fostering one or more of our cats (yes, even CiCi!) we are considering that. Although our cats enjoy our facilities and each other, if we could foster or adopt out all of them, we would be able to close The Cat Club temporarily and give our volunteers a break, allowing them to stay home the way they’re supposed to (as per Mayor Cantrell).
Gaia, Frieda, Greer, and Cleo have been adopted within the last week, which is wonderful.
Cats left for adoption are:
Armani, the kitty with the skinny tail. He’s about 9 months old and quite the character. He loves to be held and to ride on your shoulder;
CiCi. Need I say more? She is everyone’s favorite because she is sooo calm and loves to be held. Sweet little calico;
Daisy, the big black female, who’s been with us since we opened. She has a bit of an attitude….but who knows how she would be in a home of her own?;
Emily has not been seen a lot at The Cat Club; she has preferred to stay in my apartment and keep me company. It took her a minute to accommodate to her surroundings, but she is now very affectionate and not scared at all. She would probably prefer to be an only-cat, although she gets along great with other cats once they have been properly introduced;

The gorgeous Fancy, the long-haired grey and white kitty. She is SOO soft. She keeps to herself, but again, you never know;
Journey, a small black female. She is somewhat elusive but has been coming around lately. If you want a no-fuss cat, she could be your gal!
Jyn, the female tuxedo who’s also been with us for a long time, which is hard to understand since she’s so sweet;
Mystique is another no-bother black kitty, who is hardly ever seen;
Princess, whom I call Bumper because she likes to get on the kitchen counter and bump heads. She is a crowd favorite and the also-ran in a couple of adoptions.
Kalil, another black kitty, who just arrived from the shelter about 10 days ago. He was going a little stir-crazy at JPAS but has settled down nicely since arriving here. He is young and loves to play;
Sheerah, another recent arrival. She is a long-haired tabby who just likes to sit around and be petted. She would be great for a senior….very calm and loving;
And finally Twyla, our exotic torbie (tortoise/tabby). She is very affectionate, although a little nervous. Once she gets adapted to you and your family, she will be a fabulous companion.
For photos, take a look at our website (

If you have interest in any of these cats, please call us at 1-833-NOLACat to talk about the possibilities. You will NOT be left holding the bag, err…cat. We will gladly take any fosters back when we re-open, if you can part with them by then. If you are in a position to adopt, we could really use the support right now. Then, if it doesn’t work out, we could take them back when we reopen. I am expecting this situation to last at least 2 months.
If you can make a donation to us, however small, our website can accept it. Or consider buying a t-shirt (or 10!). Or making a booking for a future date; the calendar is wide-open right now! We could take your reservation directly on our website; that way we will get the money right away as opposed to when you check in. We DO need community support right now. If you think we’re doing something worthwhile, Please consider paying it forward in our direction. We know that people love what we’re doing, and we want to continue to do it into the future.
Thanks from the bottom of our furry hearts!
-Eshyah, Ashley and our other volunteers and THE CATS. MEOW!

Hi friends,
Unfortunately, the Cat Club has closed. Thank you to all our visitors and donors over the years!