7 Apr, 2021

Dear Supporters of The Crescent City Cat Club,

Well, we are well underway to closing The Cat Club down, at least with Eshyah as the owner.  We were lucky enough to have a woman named Tanasia Kenney from Biloxi write a GREAT article about The Cat Club and its being for sale, which originally was published in the Biloxi Sun Herald, but also got picked up by some other newspapers, including NOLA.com and The Advocate.  I am including a link here in the hopes that you will send it to your whole contact list. (https://www.nola.com/entertainment_life/home_garden/article_04921e84-94a9-11eb-88fa-f3280c801571.html) The more people that know about The Cat Club being for sale, the better the chance that someone who is in a position to take it over will see it and step forward.  PLEASE let everyone you know about it…you never know who’ll see and/or hear about it and make a move.  Thanks.


PS Apparently we’re also going to be in Southern Living Magazine as being for sale, so keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for a buyer to keep The Cat Club open!

Hi friends,
Unfortunately, the Cat Club has closed. Thank you to all our visitors and donors over the years!