April Newsletter

7 Apr, 2021

April Newsletter

April newsletter

Dear Cat Lovers,

For all of you who love Daisy, I have amazing news: she got adopted, along with Jake.  Please see the attached photo of them chilling with their doggie roommate.  Everyone is doing great!  Finally! 

Journey also got adopted, AND Greta.  All of our kitties have been adopted except for two little kittens, one black and one black and white, and Little Mama and her three kittens, who have had medical issues, but seem to be doing fine now.  She has a calico, and two orange tabbies.  If you are interested in adopting one of these “leftovers”, please contact us. 1-833-NOLACat.

I (Eshyah) will be leaving for California at the beginning of May.  Until then we will be having a pop-up sale every Saturday and Sunday in April from 10 to 4 PM.  Please stop by and pick up something.  We have about 20 new cat carriers in 2 sizes, cat trees, cat knickknacks, including an original Jim Tweedy Red Cat painting….everything!  Also tools, bedding, clothing (women’s sizes 12-16), shoes, fabric and Haitian art.  Come on down!  We’ll let you look at the kittens, too!

The CatMobile and cat evacuation trailer are still available, too.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us, including and especially Joan Avant from Spay Mart; Amy from A Tail in Need in Metairie; Becky and Barbara from St. Bernard’s SOS (Save our Strays); Nita Hemeter from Trap Dat Cat; Dr. Genevieve Wisdom, from Healthy Paws Vet Clinic in Metairie and Dr. Antoine Saacks, from Dog Day Afternoon, both of whom do so much for the rescue community.  All of these people are long-time cat professionals and the nicest people in the world, always willing to offer an encouraging word and practical advice that got us out of hot water numerous times, and also hooked us up with most of our feline guests over the years. You are the best!!

And a final shout out to our volunteers: Muriel, Ashley, Elana, Michelle, Bryan, Krystal, Krishon, Jane, Lauren, Erik and Brittany.  Thanks for all of your help.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

All the best to everyone.  From strength to strength.



PS  Mr. Shakespeare, my cat whom I love, has told me he thinks he’s a New Orleans cat and not a California cat.  I know a lot of you have met him and know he’s the cat’s meow.  Is there anyone who would like to offer him a new home so he can stay here?  Just asking….

Hi friends,
Unfortunately, the Cat Club has closed. Thank you to all our visitors and donors over the years!