Adoptable Cats

Adoption Information:

By adopting a feline from Crescent City Cat Club, you save a life by making more room for us to accept another cat. In addition, you are adopting a cat/kitten that has been spayed or neutered; treated for internal and external parasites; micro-chipped; and is or will be fully vaccinated as part of the adoption fee. Each cat/kitten is also tested for FIV/FeLV. If you see a cat that you think might be just the one for you, stop by, visit and get to know him or her. Our staff is here to help you find just the perfect match. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption if, in our opinion, the best interest of the animal would not be served.

Adoption Process:

We try to make the adoption process as easy as possible, however it is our goal to find these animals forever homes ~ so, you are asked to complete a brief adopter questionnaire prior to adoption.

Adoption Fees:

1 Cat for $65 / 2 Cats for $100

New Arrivals

All Adoptable Cats

17 Nov, 2018


Henri is a male black and white kitten.

17 Nov, 2018


Chance is a male gray and black tabby kitten.

17 Nov, 2018


Mikah is a male black and white kitten.

17 Nov, 2018


Tika is a female black and white kitten. She can be very vocal, and she knows how to get your attention!

10 Nov, 2018


Stormy is female tortoiseshell. She has very soft fur, and is very cuddly. She and Bilbo are friends.

10 Nov, 2018


Maddy is a brown female tabby. She has a scar on right cornea, and it looks like a carract but it is not. The doctor said it is chronic, and will not get better or worse. She does not let it bother her, so why should it bother you?

18 Jul, 2018


Casey is a shy, handsome, black and white male, with beautiful green eyes. He’s super sweet if you take the time to make friends. He would love to have a furrever home for himself….but he’s afraid to ask.

18 Jul, 2018


Kyle is a male tabby. He is sweet, playful, and gets along with dogs and cats alike. He is a big lap cat. Some of his favorite things are nose kisses and making biscuits.

1 Jul, 2018


Jolie is a short-haired black female kitten. She arrived at The Crescent City Cat Club with her 3 sisters, and we would love to see them go to their furrever homes, two at a time. They love to be together, to snuggle and to play. They have a great time together.

21 Jun, 2018


Zoey is an orange female tabby, which is unusual; most orange tabbies are males. She was adopted from JPAS and sometime later found on the street. She was brought to us to help her find a good home. She’s due a little TLC….do you have any to share?

21 Jun, 2018


Ramona is an active black female. She likes to climb on you, and be held. She has a loud purr, is a charmer and will win you over. Super-sweet.

21 Jun, 2018


Jyn is a young black and white female. She loves people and other cats. You won’t have to beg for a cuddle: she hands them out easily. She is very confident and friendly.

15 Apr, 2018


Ike is a male orange tabby. He arrived with his friend Mike, and we can’t figure out why he’s still visiting at The Crescent City Cat Club! He’s friendly and sweet, and plays well with other cats.

15 Apr, 2018


Stedman is a super-lithe grey male tabby. He has been with us since we opened, which is crazy because he is easily among our handsomest, most chill cats. He moves like a panther, and is sweet to boot. Take him home!

15 Apr, 2018


Nyx is a female black cat who has been here since we opened. She is one of only two cats who have been returned after adoption. The family cat did not like Nyx and, as you know: last hired, first fired. We find Nyx to be agreeable and sweet. She loves to play with the laser pointer, […]

14 Apr, 2018


We believe Eddie is a black male, but there is room for argument. He keeps you guessing. He is black, yes, but male? For some reason, we got it into our heads that Eddie is a female with an inappropriate name. I guess it’s nobody’s business but his own, right? After all, s/he won’t be […]

14 Apr, 2018


Daisy is no wall-flower! She can run and jump with the best of them. She has a sleek, black coat and is in a clique with Ramona and Katy Purry. They’re the junior sorority divas of the bunch. Take them all home and you’ll never suffer a dull moment again!