We know that The Crescent City Cat Club is an exciting place to visit.  How would you like to be on the inside, helping take care of our feline family?

CCCC runs on volunteer power; we could not do what we do without dedicated people like you, who are committed to helping homeless cats in our community live better lives, and find their forever homes.

Requirements are easy:  you must be at least 15 years old to volunteer on your own; younger people can volunteer when accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.  You can volunteer for as few as 2 hours per week, or as much as you like.  You must be dependable, however, and do what you say you are going to do.  2 missed shifts will get you removed from our volunteer list.

Once accepted as a volunteer, if you want to work directly with the cats, you will first be assigned to help maintain the facility, which must be kept orderly and as clean as possible at all time.  Beginners also circulate among the viewing areas to make our visitors welcome, to be sure that the cats are not having any issues, and to answer any questions the guests may have.

After working with us for a while, if you would like, you may be trained work in the kitten room.  This position requires you to bottle feed the kitties, keep them clean, make sure that they are thriving and generally keep them healthy and happy.  Kittens must be fed every 2 hours, so we have a great need for dependable people who are gentle, kind and able to work as part of a team for a greater good.

For people who might not want to be so hands-on with the cats for whatever reasons, but want to volunteer, we also need other help:  reception of guests and collecting of membership fees, bookkeeping, IT, media, The Feline Film Festival South, The Senior To Senior Program (which pairs folks in the community who want to have a cat with volunteers to help them be able to, special events planning and coordination, supply ordering and organization, building maintenance, community outreach, creative project, etc., etc.  If you have special expertise or interest in something, PLEASE speak to us about doing it for The CCCC. We are very open to ideas, and want the CCCC to be a community center for animal welfare in the New Orleans area.

Sign up to volunteer by emailing us at info@crescentcitycatclub.org.