Crescent City Cat Club President

Eshyah Selig

I was born and raised in the S.F. Bay Area of California. We always had cats, and at one time a Bassett Hound. My parents both love animals, and communicated that love to me.  After dropping out of Cal Berkeley and a year at the University of Oregon in Eugene, I went to Europe for about 3 months (I love to travel). When I returned to the US, I went to the Fashion Institute and ended up in L.A. I converted to Judaism, a life goal.  I married in 1981.  My husband and I were together for 7 years, while I pursued a career in fashion.  When we split, I decided after much research to become a real estate appraiser…better money, less stress than fashion. In 1993 I decided to move to New Orleans, another life goal. In the process of selling all my possessions I realized I would never have a better chance to REALLY travel, so I took off and spent a year going around the world, another life goal.  I travelled alone and with partners, visiting S’E’ Asia, India, China and overland from Nairobi to Capetown.   When I returned to the US, I finally moved to New Orleans, ANOTHER life goal.  After my travels, I wanted to live in a foreign city, and New Orleans is as foreign as you can get without leaving the US.  I worked with community-supported radio station WWOZ for a while, and then went back to appraising.  I bought and renovated several buildings, winning an award for historical renovation from the city.  I still own a triplex in the Marigny that I have converted to a cat club, with a guest cottage attached.   When Katrina hit, I and my boyfriend at the time took 10 weeks and evacu-vacationed cross-country to California, where we and my 6 cats stayed at a Motel 6 (great pet policy). Approaching retirement age, I began to think of what I would like to do when I stopped working 9-5.  Although cats are my first love, I figured (practical to the end) that becoming a dog trainer would offer me more obvious ways to earn a supplemental income AND enjoy myself (not a big demand for cat trainers, although it CAN be done). I became a certified dog trainer and was led to Bill Barse, who was starting a dog-training prison program, which sounded like an excellent idea to me.  We started at a men’s prison, and when the opportunity arose to start the program at the only women’s prison in Louisiana, I was the obvious person to run it.  After 2+ years, the prison flooded in August of 2016 and the trainers were scattered throughout the state.  When LCIW reopens, I hope to restart the program.  We were very successful training shelter dogs and making them adoption ready; by the time it ended we had a waiting for list for our socialized and obedience trained dogs. A few years ago my father sent me an article about Cat Town, a cat café in Oakland, CA., which adopts out shelter cats from a home-type environment.  I decided that New Orleans needed such a facility, and I have now opened The Crescent City Cat Club.


She Really ♥ Cats! We ♥ Her Too

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Eshyah Selig
President, CCCC
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