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Imagine…. Crescent City Cat Club!

Imagine that you wanted to adopt a cat and you couldn’t face going to the animal shelter to look for one. So you go down to the cat club, pay a small fee and get to hang out in a nice quiet, comfortable living room-type space with about 15-20 cats, each one available for you to take home. Or you have a partner that’s allergic to cats, and you just love ’em, so you go to the cat club and spend an hour or two with a bunch clean, healthy furry friends. Or you have a child who is sure s/he wants a cat, but you have never seen him or her interact with a cat. So you come down to the cat club and try some out. Or your an elder who feels you can’t adequately care for a cat, but you really want come cat time. So you come down to the cat club and get some fur face.

These are the people CCCC is intended for , it now exist in NOLA…

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Why People Choose Us?

We rescue cats from city shelters. We foster them, love them, and find them homes.

The Cat Club continues to press towards ending homelessness right meow! But unfortunately we don’t have enough room to rescue as many cats as we would like. That’s where the Crescent City Cat Club and you… the generous, beautiful, smart donor comes in.

The Crescent City Cat Club is all about love and the power of love. We nurture cats and kittens, cast-aways who have been abandoned and have learned to fear people, in an atmosphere of love and trust – cage free preparation for giving love to their new person(s) in their new forever home. Providing a nurturing environment includes providing a spotlessly clean, bright and home-like setting. Our CCCC cats and kittens are not only ready for visits and

adoption, but are truly ready to bring true love and joy into their new homes.

Please join us in our mission to help frightened homeless cats and kittens learn to love and trust people – and then place them in loving homes. Our capabilities are limited only by our physical resources, as our ability to accept felines is limited only by the space we have in our facility. With your help, we can maximize the lives we touch with love.

How you can Help

Cat furniture/scratching posts40%
Hard furniture/ ez to clean40%
Cat art for resale and auction40%
Towels/Washcloths and Rags40%
Cat carriers and or kennels40%
Building supplies/materials40%
Media Exposure TV Radio Net40%
Powdered cat milk substitute40%
Kitten milk Nursing bottles40%
Generic Clumping cat litter40%
And yes of course Litter boxes40%
Cash donations for everything else40%
Small trailer for Cat-Mobile40%
  • Small trailer Trailer or RV to be converted to storm escape vehicle, that can be pulled by a small car, to be retrofitted into a cat-mobile so that in the case of a storm we can load our family into it and get the hell out of… NOLA with everybody.

Our Team

Eshyah Selig
“One day I was counting the cats and I absent-mindedly counted myself.”
Web Design & Developers
Evolve Design PLUS Technology? Yeah, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Without one, the other just isn’t very effective.

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