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Craving a Cuddly Kitty

We ♥ Cats

So…what is a cat club, you ask? Crescent City Cat Club visitation and adoption community for cats from local shelters in The Faubourg Marigny section of New Orleans, steps from the French Quarter, Treme and Bywater neighborhoods, the end of the new street car line on St. Claude Ave., and one block from Elysian Fields Ave.

Welcome Crescent City Cat Club!

A new convenient and comfortable place to go to hang out with cats and kittens in New Orleans.

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

We are converting a double-shotgun house on Marigny St. into a cat club. For a small fee that supports the cats you can come in and chill out with as many as 15-20 cats at a time. We even plan to have Cat Yoga before we open in the morning for anyone who is interested. Cats love yoga!

You ♥ Cats too


We will have personality descriptions of all the members of our family, so you won’t be flying blind, if you decide to take one home. Additionally, none of our adoptions is ever final. If you find that something changes (including behavior issues that arise) and you can’t continue to keep one of our cats, we will be happy to take him or her back and find another home.


But love cats (maybe you’re a visitor on an extended stay, without your pets) and need an animal fix…. we’re your folks. Or you, or your child, love cats but can’t have one in your home due to housing restrictions or allergies, come visit, and hang out with us. The viewing areas will all be equipped with cat- and people-furniture for your visiting enjoyment, and of course, there will be free Wi-fi. Each room will have a large-screened monitor to follow the action in the kitten room, and other cat-related media offerings. You are welcome to bring food and/or drink into the club, although there will be no sharing with the felines, no matter how nicely they ask!


We are kid, elder, anyone with a disability friendly and informative, although it is expected that each child under 12 be accompanied by a responsible adult and closely monitored. As part of our neighborhood outreach, we will be offering to pair anyone in the neighborhood who would like to have a cat, but doesn’t think they can manage the maintenance on their own, with a volunteer from The CCCC who can help. Anyone over the age of 15 is invited to apply to become a volunteer. Younger children can volunteer with a parent or other adult.

We will be the first Cat Club in New Orleans

There are other such facilities in Austin, Texas (“Blue Cat Café”), and Oakland, CA (“Cat Town”). We have visited these facilities and are hoping to combine the best practices of these trail-blazers. We hope eventually to have “Cat Clubs of America”, and who knows? Maybe Cat Clubs International! Cat café’s are popular in Japan, and parts of Europe. Help us put New Orleans on the Cat Club map!

Any city or town that has a shelter could support a Cat Club, and give the proprietors a worth-while job, perhaps after retirement, that is a win-win-win for the cats, visitors, adopters, shelter and the environment, as a whole. Cat Town has adopted out over 1,000 cats since they started, which has taken a lot of pressure off the local shelter. We hope to have the same effect in NOLA. We would be happy to correspond with anyone who is interested in starting a similar facility in their neck of the woods.

Why choose us CCCC Cares

Care Advice

CCCC advice on food, water, safe shelter, veterinary care, a clean litter box & love.

Easy to Adopt

We are a non-profit helping ease cat adoption by working with local cat rescues.


Crescent City Cat Club provides a hang-out spot to connect with your special kitty.

1st in NOLA

Located 2 blocks from the French Quarter just off the N. Rampart Streetcar.

She really ♥ cats Meet your Host

“We do our best to deliver as many cat cuddles as possible”
Eshyah Selig
President, CCCC
Volunteer with Crescent City Cat Club and join our caring staff”
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